Remote working arrangements were not the norm for many companies until the pandemic. It is a concept we embraced almost overnight in 2020, but now that we’re past that, should you continue hiring remote employees?

Many business owners find themselves asking the same question. There is no doubt that you can get tons of benefits from having your team working in the same office, but at the same time, we’ve seen a lot of value from remote working arrangements too.

Remote Work Arrangements

Remote working arrangements are not a new concept. It didn’t come from the pandemic and, if anything, was only fast-tracked by the virus.

As we navigated through the last two years of lockdowns and quarantines, a large portion of businesses around the world moved their operations to a remote setup. This experience is one of the primary reasons business owners today are asking if it’s the right decision to start hiring remote employees full-time.

If you’re at the same crossroad and you don’t know which way to go, take a look at the top benefits of hiring remote employees:

1. Productivity

Working remotely has increased business productivity significantly over the past two years. Employees are more focused because they no longer have to worry about their commute to work, their families, and their overhead costs.

Remote employees also have the freedom to create a comfortable workplace without the restrictions a regular office would have. They can maximize their potential with fewer distractions and more flexibility, thus, providing better results.

2. Retention

Nothing is more stressful than replacing employees who leave your company. Remote working arrangements have a massive impact on employee retention, especially today.

More people are looking for remote opportunities to have more flexibility, be more productive with their time, and save money. Because of this, employees are more likely to continue working for companies that allow this arrangement.

3. Reduced Business Costs

Hiring remote employees means you get to reduce business costs too. You don’t need office space, meaning you will be spending less, even if you opt to provide your employees’ equipment.

However, remember that this doesn’t mean you won’t have any operational costs. There will still be some, but they’re significantly lower than if you’d have everybody in the office.

4. Better Talent

When you take location out of the equation, you get unlimited opportunities to find great talent. You will not be confined by the people living in or willing to move to where you are.

You will have a global pool of talent that you can take advantage of and, most of the time, at more affordable rates. You get the chance to choose the ones that match your company’s needs and culture the most.

5. Time Efficiency

Remote working arrangements eliminate the need for long commutes, affecting employees’ time efficiency. When working from the comfort of their homes, they are less distracted by things like travel time and traffic.

Not needing to travel to an office will also help avoid unforeseen situations that may affect your operations, such as vehicular accidents and heavy traffic. Your employees remain safe inside their homes, and they get to focus on what they need to do without stressing out about these external factors.

Are you ready to build your remote team?

Hiring remote employees can significantly boost your company’s performance, especially when done correctly. Impactable can help you find the right employees, whether in-office or remote. Contact us today so we can discuss your recruitment needs!

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