Interview with the FOUNDER (1)

Ishmael Bangura: From A Humble Beginning to Successful Finance Career And Incredible Entrepreneurial Journey

In an exclusive interview with Ishmael Bangura, Founder & CEO of Impactable Ltd and experienced finance professional.  We delved into his remarkable journey and explored his latest venture, Impactable, a UK based training and recruitment business. With a multitude of successful startups under his belt, Ishmael Bangura is becoming a renowned figure in the business world. Join us as we uncover the story behind his new Impactable platform and gain valuable insights into his experiences.

Q1: Why did you choose accounting as your profession?

I chose finance as my profession because I love crunching numbers. More importantly, because I wanted a stable and rewarding career that would give me the financial stability my parents did not have when growing up. Though I have to say my dad had a successful career, he passed away at a very young age. After his death, I saw how my mother was struggling to provide for me and my siblings. Therefore, having a career that would take me and my family out of poverty was all I wanted. 

Q2: Was your business pathway always easy?

No, my business pathway was very challenging in the beginning because I was not lucky to be mentored like other professionals and entrepreneurs. I started the hard way by learning everything from scratch. Most of what I learned was self-taught by reading finance related journals, articles, magazines, and manuals. To me, this was the only way out of poverty to prosperity. So, I had to spend hours reading and researching online, etc. 

Q3: What do you need to succeed in the world of finance?

To be successful in finance, you need to obtain formal or informal education, gain valuable experience, learn from experienced finance professionals, and if possible, grasp your area of discipline well.

Q4: In your opinion what makes a good accountant?

In my opinion a good accountant is qualified, professional, knowledgeable, confident and he/she understands the business process. Moreover, a good accountant should have integrity and the ability to communicate effectively. 

Q5: Do you consider people in finance to be mostly introverts?

This is a tricky question. I am not quite sure about this, but I have heard people saying most accountants are introverts. If you ask me, are you an introvert, I will say yes because I am a reserved and private person. This is how I have been since childhood. As a child, I used to stay in my room a lot reading books and writing songs.

Q6: Before Impactable, you had one other successful project, can you tell us more about it?

Yes, I have had a successful project. Before Impactable, I started IB&Co Accountants which I call my baby. IB&Co has been one of my greatest successful businesses to date, because all my other projects have been products of IB&Co. My other successful project was We Pay It, which I sold last year. I wish you had asked me about my failed projects – like many entrepreneurs, I had few failed projects-:).

Q7: Why do you think Impactable training is different from other e-learning platforms?

Impactable is different because it is developed and run by finance professionals that offers a go-to platform for people working in the sector, aspiring to work in the sector and businesses looking to recruit. Also, Impactable is different because it provides both job seekers and employers a platform where they can learn and grow. 

Q8: As an entrepreneur, how do you find work-life balance?

I find work-life balance by taking time off from work, spending time with my family and friends, and going on holiday with my family. Before, I used to work most weekends, but I have reduced my working hours significantly. Unless when I need to get urgent work done, but I do spend my weekends with my family. 

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