Finding job opportunities can be quite easy with the number of companies hiring today. The challenge in job-seeking truly lies in shining brighter than other qualified candidates, beginning with writing a CV that will stand out. 

Why do you need to put effort into your CV? 

A CV or Curriculum Vitae is a document that details your professional and academic background. It’s usually more than just a single page, as it outlines your history in full detail.

Your CV will be the first thing an employer will see upon receiving your application and it is imperative that you write it well enough to make a great impression. You need to include important information like work experience, achievements, scholarships, coursework, research projects, and publications of your work.

Before you send your CV in for that next job application, make sure you’re truly ready! Check out these top 5 ways to write a CV that will stand out:

1. Don’t Leave Information Out

The information on your CV will ultimately tell employers if you’re a potential fit for the position or not. You want to make sure you have all the necessary information in it, so don’t leave anything out! 

Be sure to have your name, contact information, personal statement, core competencies, work experience, and educational background. The more detailed you can be, the better! 

2. Make a Strong Personal Statement

Your personal statement or personal profile is an overview of your professional history and career objectives. It is one of the most important parts of your CV and sometimes, it can make or break your application. 

Keep your personal statement brief and clear. You don’t need to write a full biography, just get straight to the point, answer key questions using the job description, and highlight what you want the employer to know most about you. 

3. Highlight Results Over Responsibilities

It’s great to show the responsibilities you had in your previous positions but to truly impress an employer, you want to highlight results more. 

Be specific about your achievements and have quantifiable data to back them up. This is a better way to show them you’re a fit for the job and that you can produce the results they need.

4. Use Professional Formatting

Many job seekers want their personality to show on their CV but clashing colors and radical fonts aren’t going to help you get hired. Use professional formatting on your CV and let your achievements do the talking. 

Most winning CVs aren’t the ones that look bright and bold, they’re the ones that are formatted professionally, with the right details in the right places! 

5. Tailor Your CV for Each Application

It doesn’t matter how many applications you’re sending out, it’s not ideal to be sending the exact same CV each time. Employers are unique from one another and they have different values and skills they’re looking for. 

Tailor your CV for each application and make sure you’re highlighting experience, skills, and achievements that are relevant to the job description.

Need more help in writing the perfect CV? 

Your CV can make or break your career in Accounting and Finance. You need to be able to showcase your knowledge and expertise the right way and that’s something we can help you with. 

Impactable provides support beyond training, including crafting the right kind of CV that will help you get hired. Get in touch with us today to know more!


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