Building out your team is a crucial part of the growth of your business. You need to make sure you are hiring the right people to fill the right seats. Knowing the right steps to follow in the recruitment and selection process will allow you to find the right one!

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection can be as straightforward or as complicated as you need them to be, depending on your needs. If this isn’t something you’re familiar with, you can use different resources to help you out. You can find recruitment software that can assist you in the process, or you can work with third-party companies like Impactable.

Generally, however, there are five fundamental steps you need to include in the process. Following these steps will allow you to sift through hundreds of applications and narrow your choices down to the best of the best.

Here are the five fundamental steps in the recruitment and selection process:

1. Recruitment Planning

Recruitment planning is the very beginning of the process. This is where you identify the position you need to fill, the responsibilities of the person you will be hiring, and the timeline you will follow.

Are you filling a position that another employee left vacant, or are you looking for an extra set of hands because your company is growing? What will they be doing when they get on board? How soon do you need to find them?

These questions might be helpful as you begin planning for your new hire. As soon as you find the answers, next is creating the ad to get those applicants coming in.

2. Creating a Job Ad

Job ads can make or break your recruitment process. The job ad you will post will help you filter the applications you will receive.

You will want to be as specific and detailed as possible to eliminate any assumptions from the applicants. Ensure you include all qualifications, requirements, and a clear job description to set boundaries and expectations.

Once you publish your ad, you can expect applications to start coming in. You need to allow some time for it to gain traction, and when you have enough applications, it’s time to filter them to find the best ones.

3. Shortlisting Applicants

Shortlisting applicants may be the most tedious recruitment process for you or your HR personnel. This is where you handpick the most qualified applicants from a pool of hundreds.

A job ad you’ll post will receive about 250 applications. A large portion of those applications will not meet your requirements, so you must thoroughly review each one.

Ideally, you would come up with a list of 5-10 applicants that meet your requirements the most. This list is what you will be working with until you find the best fit.

4. Assessments and Interviews

After you’ve created your list of the top 5-10 applicants, it’s time to measure their level of skill and competence. You can do practical assessments, a round of interviews with key people in your company, or a combination of both.

Practical assessments will allow you to see if their skills match what you need and if they can carry out the tasks you will assign them. You can create your assessment by using examples from your employees or find resources that can provide them for you.

On the other hand, interviews will help you evaluate their character and see if they will be a cultural fit. Having a genuine conversation with them will allow you to get to know them more and uncover things you wouldn’t usually see in a CV.

5. Final Decision Making

Making the final decision in the recruitment and selection process is the last step before you get your new hire on board. This part will ultimately tell you who your new hire is, so you must ensure you’re looking at it from all angles possible.

Never make the final decision on a whim. Take a reasonable amount of time to review the results of their assessments and interviews to see who stands out the most.

Once you’ve identified that person, get the contract and offer ready, and get back in touch with them. It’s also ideal to have a second and third option if your primary choice declines.

Are you ready to start looking for new employees?

Recruitment and selection can be a tedious process, and that’s what we’re here to help you with. Impactable offers recruitment services that will help make the process faster and easier. Get in touch with us today so we can talk about what you need!

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