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After finishing your registration, you will be transferred to your profile where you will be able to edit all the necessary information. You can follow the settings button, and then edit the fields you would like to change.  If you’re experiencing technical difficulties, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Please reach out to our support team for this type of assistance. You can find them here.

It is not necessary to pay for a subscription in order to become a member of Impactable.. However, if you would like to post job ads, you will need to choose the right subscription for your company. Check them out here.

In order to take a look at our current candidates, you can go to the top menu bar and select the Employer tab. It will take you to the employers’ landing page where you can click on the button Get Started. Make sure to set up the desirable filters in order to make your search more efficient.

After you go to the search page with all our candidates, you can select the candidate you like by clicking on their photo. It will open a page with the candidate’s profile where you can click on the Invite button below their profile picture.

While doing headhunting on Impactable, as a recruiter, you have the option to save the candidates you like for later. This option can be really useful if you still haven’t posted a job opportunity and you want to headhunt before making it live. That way, as soon as you post the ad you can go to your profile, find the saved candidates and invite them to the specific position you wanted.

Posting a Job AD

This depends solely on your company’s needs, and the number of ads you would like to post. Check out our packages here and find an option that works best for you.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your packages are limited according to the number of job posts, and the expiration dates. Once the job post is published, it cannot be replaced by another one.

Please reach out to our support team for more information. You can find them in the chat on your screen which is faster, or go to the contact us page.

Go to your company’s profile page and go to the field All Applicants. Select the candidate you would like to see, and download their CV. Good luck!

This depends on the status of their application, and your recruitment cycle. The moment you decide to do an interview with a candidate, it is understandable that you will be able to reach out to the candidate for further negotiations.

You can reach out to us via the contact us page, or support chat, and we will get back to you with more details and your next steps.

Please reach out to our support team, you can do it through chat or via email through the contact us page.